A.O. Smith Propane Water Heaters

Model #: Capacity: BTU: Price: Qty:
BT-65 65 Gal 65,000 BTU Call for Current Quote
BTN-80 74 Gal 76,000 BTU Call for Current Quote
BPD-75 75 Gal 65,000 BTU Call for Current Quote
BTN-100 98 Gal 80,000 BTU Call for Current Quote

Cyclone® Series


Cyclone® Xi Gas Water Heaters

ao smith cyclone xi


  • Up to 96% thermal efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs
  • Our exclusive advanced electronic control with built-in diagnostics, is network ready for remote monitoring
  • Powered anodes are maintenance free and provide superior tank protection in all water conditions
  • Features our PermaGlas® glass lining process that provides superior tank protection against corrosion



Cyclone® HE Gas Water Heaters

ao smith cyclone he


  • Produces 90% thermal efficiency, which saves money on operating costs, and increases hot water output compared to standard-efficiency water heaters
  • PVC Vent Attenuation Assembly (VAA) supplied for applications where extra-quiet operating environment is essential
  • Advanced electronics for more precise control of water temperature and simplified system diagnostics
  • System allows combined vertical and horizontal vent runs, using 2, 3, or 4 PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe

Master-Fit® Series



Master-Fit® Standard Draft

ao smith master fit standard draft


  • Effikal automatic flue damper minimizes standby heat loss to achieve 80% thermal efficiency
  • Inlet/outlet connections located top, front and rear for greater installation flexibility
  • Space-saving units are up to one foot shorter than models they replace
  • Installs standalone, manifolded or connected to storage tanks

Master-Fit® Boosters

ao smith master fit boosters


  • Produces power-induced draft of make-up air prior to burner ignition
  • Provides more efficient control of heat through the flue collector
  • No draft hood or barometric damper required
  • Can be commonly vented with other Category 1 appliances, using standard metal type “B” vent

Master-Fit® Plus Induced Draft

ao smith master fit plus induced draft


  • Built-in induced draft blower — helps solve negative air pressure problems
  • These models comply with the Air Quality Management Districts’ requirements for low NOx
  • The Eliminator™ self-cleaning system improves energy efficiency and extends tank life
  • Compact design (almost a foot shorter than models they replace)
  • Can be installed standalone, manifolded or connected to storage tanks

Conservationist® Series


Conservationist® Power Direct Vent

ao smith sonservationist power direct vent

The Conservationist® BPD-75 tank-type commercial gas water heater:

Is intended for applications such as small office buildings and duplex apartment homes. The BPD-75 features a power direct vent design with a factory-installed blower. The blower permits sealed combustion direct vent operation with separate venting and air intake runs from outside the structure. The BPD-75 offers installation versatility by allowing venting and intake runs up to 50 feet, using 3 Schedule 40 PVC pipe.


  • Designed for small office buildings and duplex apartment homes
  • The DynaClean™ II system protects from lime and sediment buildup
  • PermaGlas® glass-lined tank resists corrosion
  • Built-in safety feature prevents pilot or main burner operation if blower is not running



Conservationist® Power Ventao smith conservationist power vent

Conservationist® Power Vent:

Has a solid state ignition surface that does not flutter or blow out. Provides increased reliability and efficiency over spark ignition systems. Eliminates the pilot and saves energy. Air is precisely drawn through the combustion control port and exhausted through plastic pipe. Controlling the airflow through the heater enhances and regulates the combustion process. In standby mode, the combustion control port restricts air circulation through the heater.


  • Minimizes radiant heat loss
  • Carries inlet water deep into tank
  • Provides temperature control and LED diagnostics
  • High input, multiport burner for improved combustion efficiency and low NOx



Conservationist® Induced Draft Low NOxconservationist induced draf low nox

Conservationist® BTN models:

Are equipped with a blower that produces a power-induced draft of make-up air prior to burner ignition.


  • Factory-Mounted, Pre-Wired Blower
  • PermaGlas® Glasslined Tank
  • Intelli-Vent™ Gas Control Valve
  • Certified For Use On Combustible Flooring



Conservationist® BTao smith conservationist bt

Conservationist® BT models:

Provide reliable, efficient service for applications such as office buildings and duplex/fourplex apartment homes.


  • PermaGlas® glass lining prevents tank corrosion
  • Small diameters and shorter heights for greater installation ease
  • Handhole cleanout for easy maintenance
  • Automatic safety shutoff if pilot is extinguished



Conservationist® Large Volume Powered Burner

conservationist large volume powered burner

Conservationist® large volume powered burner water heaters:

Are perfect for large industrial, commercial and institutional applications. This rugged line features up to 2.5 million BTU input and 600 gallons storage. Each model features a PermaGlas® glass-lined tank and multiple anodic protection to prevent tank corrosion.


  • 80% thermal efficiencies
  • Low NOx models available
  • Durable channel iron skids and lifting lugs for easy installation
  • Low-water cutoff prevents dry firing



Conservationist® Small Volume Powered Burner

conservationist cmall volume powered burner

Conservationist® small volume powered burner water heaters:

Are ideal for mid-sized commercial applications, with inputs up to 740,000 BTUs. They provide outstanding 80% thermal efficiency, thanks to a sealed combustion chamber that reduces heat loss. Other innovations include fully automatic controls and an inspection port for flame monitoring during operation.


  • UL listed powered burner
  • Premix combustion system provides extra clean, low NOx flame
  • Barometric draft damper ensures correct air flow in the vent
  • Handhole cleanouts for easy maintenance






A.O. Smith Propane Gas Water Heaters

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